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We have all been exposed recently, unexpectedly fast, to a new living paradigm. Humans and businesses are pushed to reconfigure their growth cycles. Much ahead of time, A3BC envisaged that future comes with simplicity, security and smooth passing through every-day activity, through life and we came with an unprecedent breakthrough biometric Digital Identity platform. We are providing a digital trust third-party platform which is enhancing your security level. We strongly believe trust & cyber-security are not an option at all! They are a must have within the digital society! And our platform is here to support your business!

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The end-user always keeps the control of its data. The end-user is the only one who decide who can access its data, when and how long. Data are always encrypted, and the storage protocol is patented. 100% GDPR compliant!

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Our aim is to provide the simplest ever enrolment process combined with biometric authentication to ease your daily life. Available both for online and Face-To-Face transactions. We provide clarity, simplicity & speed.

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Enroll only once! Use it as much as you want! Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. Independent from Big-Tech. Fully inclusive: device-less, card-less, Id-less. Scan, Trust & Go! The best platform ever to prove you are the one you pretend to be!

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Our application


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TrustMe is a digital ID service. It is seamless and intuitive: Swipe, Trust & Go!

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    Create your digital ID

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    Store safely your personal data: passwords, IDs, diplomas, tax notices...

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    Log in automatically onto your favourite websites and use biometry to validate your transactions

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    Use your digital ID only as you want

Our platform

A3BC Platform

Beyond IAM Solution! We have designed, built and deployed a digital trust third-party platform in a SaaS mode. Data privacy by design compliant with EU GDPR regulation! eIDAS certification process has already began! Zero-encryption & Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) capacities will be included soon!

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TrustMe Platform

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Data collected exclusively under the control of the end-user


Protection against hacking


National ID and passport authenticity controls including individuals liveness checks


Enables individuals and organizations to fully own and manage their personal data, without any intermediary thanks to blockchain technology

TrustMe can simplify your life!

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BNP Paribas
Microsoft for Startups